Our Services:

How to get a service?

Its Simple, Secure and Reliable.

  1. Select a product or service
  2. Send payments to our online UBL account | details
  3. Fill our an online order processing form with the recipt ID provided by the bank against deposit to our online account
  4. Confirm Via e-mail or Voice Talk (00923469895098)
  5. After Payment verification from the Bank we will instantly activate your services or deliver your product.

Affordable and Quality Website Design:

Let's first know what actually a website is?

A website is a related collection of web pages on the internet, comprising files that are organized into a hierarchy. Each file, or document, contains a combination of graphics, text, audio, video and other dynamic or static material that appers as diital information on a compute screen. A website is most commonly used as communication medium and can be accessed by using a search engine or siimply by typing in a website address or domain name, such as www.mycompany.com into an internet browser.

bilalonline provides a fast, cost effective way to give your business a professional image online and help maximize the value of the internet.

We'll concentrate on building you a powerful, effecient website. You concentrate on running your business.

Now the Question is "why have a website?"

-You can keep your customer updated - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
-Be found on internet by potential customers
-You may be able to save on business cost, such as the need for printing and distributing marketing material
-Expand business capability in new product areas, new services and new markets (new customers local and even international)
-Improve communication with staff, customers, buyer and suppliers via email.

Our custom web design gives your business a professional edge. We know that a Web Site is more than a compilation of graphic and pages. Our team of professional graphic artists, professional designers and developers approach each and every web site with the right synergy of artistic and technical talent.