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PIMS is Affiliated with Medical Faculty NWFP Peshawar.


DHQ hospital Timergara Dir Lower Bilal Surgical Hospital Timergara
Al-Haq Hospital Timergara Zeb Surgical Center Timergara

The District Dir which has aver short history of educational and other developmental activities, it was late in 1960 when a step to progress was made there, while at that time, Other parts of the country had achieved visible advance in these fields. But with the grace of Almighty Allah and due to the natural talent of the people of area, they soon realized the need of education and a sharp awareness to facts and traditional honest approach enabled them to go shoulder to shoulder with other parts of the country in educational, development and socioeconomic race. But still District Dir is backward district of NWFP in Health services. There is no single institution in public as well as private sector to educate and train the educated youth in this field. The people are deprived of higher and quality education. Due to financial constrains many of them are not able to continue their education in down districts.

There is scarcity of qualified and trained paramedical staff, which is back bone in health delivery system. Taking into consideration the problem faced by the people of district Dir, we have established an institution with the name of “Punjkora Institute of Medical Sciences” abbreviate as PIMS (Timergara) to train and educate youth of the area. The objectives are to provide quality education to our students to meet the challenges faced by the Health care Providers in public and private sectors.

The institution offers two years diploma courses in various technologies. The institute has hired the services of the most qualified and intelligent teachers for all its program.

The institute is under the supervision of Board of Directors who are responsible to run the project and manage the day to day affairs.


Why You Just select Punjkora Institute Of Medical Sciences. PIMS Missions, aims & Objective make the "why" you have to select. Some of the main reasons to join PIMS are listed below.

-Quality Education & Trainings
-Trainings of the Paramedical Staff
-Educational system based on modern
 medical scientific lines.
-To produce the desire of sacrifice in the staff
 involved in the health delivery system.
-To offer carrier oriented diplomas

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